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Bluebell Says

You can’t stop the waves from coming……

but I can help you learn to surf them!

11 November 2020


I am not sure where or when I first heard this quote or to whom it should be attributed.  So apologies to that person but also my thanks…..I would like to give credit for such genius words!

I use this little quote a lot when I teach my beginners about meditation and the role it plays in reducing the effects of stress and anxiety.

Without being too cliched, life does and always will come at us in all sizes and forces of waves, sometimes beautifully calm and sometimes throwing ‘all sorts’ violently at us. The stress and anxiety that builds up can be overwhelming, leading to all kinds of illness and disease in the body and mind. It matters not what the causes, mighty and unexpected waves can and do roll in and knock us over and we can struggle sometimes to get back up and find our balance once again. If we are unfortunate we might get knocked down by another roller and then another and then another. If we are in very deep and don’t have a proverbial surfboard to cling on to, it can feel very scary, unpleasant, painful, even be life threatening.

In this simplistic analogy of life and its knock backs, having a surfboard is one (vital) thing, knowing how to get on it and surf (even a little) is another.

The surfboard in this analogy represents the tools of breath and or mantra that bring a sense of control and calm to mind and body, enabling you to climb up onto the surfboard and ride across or through the rollers safely back to shore.

Meditation is not going to stop the innumerable causes of life stressors, but it does allow the body and mind space and strength in which to rebalance and re-act in more of a measured way, strengthening the immune system at the same time.

If you have never meditated before and find the word and the concept a bit weird and woowoo, I understand! I urge you however not be put off, it is one of the best and definitely the simplest investment that you will ever make in your own life.

If you don’t believe me, you will have to join one of my beginners classes and I will prove it to you! I will teach you how to get on to the meditation ‘surfboard’ and ride some waves.

If you are interested please email me at: [email protected] for more details.

But for now, take 2 minutes and simply close your eyes and take a couple of deeper than normal breaths. Keeping your eyes closed, rub your hands together vigorously so that you feel warmth build up in your palms, then cover your closed eyes with your warm palms and feel the warmth in your eyes. Breathe gently and calmly and when you feel ready open your eyes into your palms then draw the palms away from your eyes and slowly awaken into the room.

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