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Back to the classroom for me.....

27 June 2019

For the last 8 weeks I have been back in the classroom. Not though, this time as a pupil or Immunisation Nurse but in my capacity  of Health Coach and Meditation Teacher running a Health and Well-being course for staff at The Royal Hospital School in Holbrook. I had a lot of fun with the classes and really enjoyed meeting some lovely people. (I shall miss you!)

In a classroom, that according to the scrawls on the big whiteboard usually hosted Economics, Maths and discussions on Nuclear proliferation, we looked at a different topic each week. These ranged from Stress; what it is, what the side effects are and how to address it using practical tools and tips, the importance of Meditation; how to start a practice of, the world of Sugar; the problems of, how to identify it in its multiple guises with suggestions of suitable replacement ideas, to the importance of an ‘attitude of gratitude’, kindness and compassion and how it can impact health in a positive way.

As each topic is huge, the classes were packed with information, hand outs and props, so much so that we sadly didn’t always have time to do a meditation at the end, which was always my intention! But I am hoping that my attendees had learnt enough to build in a practice at home.

My thanks to everyone who attended and supported me in my endeavours to de-mystify the world of health and well-being, thereby making it accessible to everyone and of course to RHS for being forward thinking enough to give me the space and opportunity to hold these classes. (You have some very dedicated and kind members of staff in your employ btw!)


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