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"Some very simple changes have made a huge difference to me! My skin is so much better after struggling with it for many years!" MC
"There is something very precious about being able to talk to someone and know and feel that you are being listened to and heard. My first session with Eugenie took me into a place where I could find a clear path towards positive health goals and achieve them with a really professional guide and mentor. Your health is priceless so take the time to invest in a session with Eugenie and gain the clarity you need." R.E.
"I would recommend Eugenie to anyone needing some nutritional and lifestyle guidance, especially when recovering from illness. She makes a careful assessment based on her clients state of health and lifestyle, before setting out a detailed programme for the future." J.B
"I found my sessions with Eugenie invaluable. Even though a complimentary practitioner myself I was unsure of what else I could do to better my own health. Her extensive knowledge of complimentary health and background in nursing, along with her common sense and compassionate approach made a big difference to me. Just 2 months after my initial consultation I felt more in control, stronger, lost some weight and felt empowered to look after myself more efficiently. We are lucky to have her to turn to for advice." K.H

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