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Mind over matter?

Is it possible to influence our health through thought?

11 June 2016


I am very aware that there are many people who do not believe that a positive attitude and outlook can in any way influence recovery from a health condition or maintain good health. To me that is odd, as it seems that it is an accepted way of thinking (excuse the pun) that a continual so-called negative way of thinking can set you on the path to ill health.

How you view things in life will have an impact, as your thoughts dominate how you behave and how you respond to those thoughts.

I have just read a fascinating book by Dr Bruce Lipton who was a cell biologist and a Stanford Medical School professor in the 1980s. During the course of his research into the myriad of functions and roles of the inner workings of cells, discovered that each and every one of the trillions of cells within the body are indeed affected by thought.

Obviously I am not a cell biologist or a scientist but I found this book absolutely fascinating and (as I understand it) it implies that positive (affirming) thoughts = positive (electrical) energy which has a positive (healthy and nutritious) effect on the environment of the cells, therefore impacting directly on our health and wellbeing.

I am absolutely not suggesting for an instant that simply having a ‘glass half full’ attitude alone is enough to cure anyone from serious illness, mental or physical.

As I have already said I know that it is highly contentious, but the more I delve into this subject the more persuaded I am that the state of one’s mental and spiritual health plays an enormous role in our current and future health.

To be truly well, we can eat as much super healthy food and do as much exercise as we can, but we have to acknowledge and address our emotional status as part of this process too, otherwise this can’t be achieved.

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