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Forgive me!

19 April 2016


I feel I have been very remiss in my role as a health and wellness advocate, blogger and coach and have short-changed you all so far. I have seen the error of my ways and am going to address this immediately!

It dawned on me recently that something was missing in my health and wellness blogs. Something I need to share with you. So far I have concentrated on the importance of wonderful whole and health giving foods and drinks and on the importance of exercise and relaxation and how to aim for a balanced lifestyle. As I am passionate about all of these I will of course continue with the tips and advice!

However I feel I must also blog about how important the nourishment of ‘mind and spirit’ is. I know I have alluded to these in previous blogs but I want to go into more detail as the health of the mind and how we think can play a massive and key role in the determination of our overall health and wellbeing. I don’t think we can really talk about one and not include the other.

I think the fact that I have up until now rather neglected this enormous and fascinating subject says a lot! By this I mean that we pay attention to our bodies and the actual physical needs and problems, which of course we must, but it seems that our emotional needs are often ignored unless or until they manifest in a deleterious way. We seem to be almost apologetic and even discouraged for even thinking about, let alone talking about our ‘inner’ selves and as a consequence not very good at looking after our emotional health which we do at our peril.

Bluebellsays that it’s time we zoomed in and take a closer look!

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