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3 May 2017

 A lovely friend of mine has a crippling fear of driving on dual carriageways and motorways to the point that she simply no longer tries.

For most of us this would cause anxiety in itself, as in this crowded part of the UK, huge, busy roads loom large everywhere and most journeys require at least a short spell on them to get anywhere!

As it would be for most of us, becoming isolated and not leaving the house is not an option, so as she explained to me, she has developed what I would call a ‘Mindful’ approach to dealing with the logistical issues of getting from A to B without encountering major roads.

I often wondered how she knew of so many secret little walks and paths that nobody else seemed to know of and where one could buy a couple bags of fresh vegetables from a little stand by a roadside fresh from someone’s garden for 50p! Or where there were still a few hidden places with wonderfully unspoiled views of the nearby major rivers.

I now know the answer!

My friend takes any and every little back road she can to get to her destination and has in the process discovered a whole new world that most of us never get to see, have forgotten about or even know exists!

Ok, it might take her a bit longer to get to some places, but with regular hold ups on the said A and M roads this isn’t always the case and her ‘Knowledge’ in every sense, stands her in good stead, especially in the advent of enforced detours through the countryside due to accidents and roadworks!

Beyond the monster juggernauts and miles of grey concrete, this ‘Mindful’ approach gives her the chance to take in the countryside, get to know it and appreciate the beauty of its changing seasons.

She notices the colours in the hedgerows, the leaves on trees, the crops in the fields, the birds, the pretty houses and gardens, recognizes the people and the barking dogs that live there, the pace of life, the tractors, the Combines and does not seem to mind being stuck behind any of them! She has made this part of her experience.

  1.  Until recently I was unaware of her coping strategy, not having appreciated the full extent of her ‘problem’. As I write this, I know she will say that it is neither a ‘problem’ nor does it get in the way of her life. She recognized that she had a choice and that choice was to literally change the journey process. This choice came with the positive side effects of both peace of mind and soul. Result!

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