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Maca; Mighty, Malty and Moreish

The easiest, ‘cheatiest’ pudding ever.

21 March 2016


Being high in minerals and vitamins, great for increasing general energy and stamina levels with the added ‘side effect’ of increased libido, Maca powder is a ‘Superfood’.

With its malty, nutty almost caramelly taste, I use it to flavour hot milky drinks or in my ‘cheatiest’, easiest ever, instant pudding which I share with you now. It barely counts as a recipe, but as I want to share with you the easiest ways to eating healthy ingredients I felt it a must for you to try!


A serving of full fat organic plain yogurt

Half a teaspoon of Maca powder* to start. (You can always add more to suit your taste. If you have put too much in add more yogurt.)

Broken pecans or any nuts you fancy. (I use pecans as I think it enhances the sweet taste!)


1. Plonk however much yogurt you fancy into a bowl.

2. Sprinkle the maca powder onto it and stir until fully mixed in.

3. Drop a few broken or crushed pecans or any other nuts on top.
*Maca powder is now available in some supermarkets. Pricey but it goes a long way.

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