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Introducing Nutrigenomics!

What on earth….??

7 December 2017

This sounds like a bit of a heavy and dry old subject to be writing about!!

But, I am giving you the ‘heads up’ as you will soon be hearing this word more and more in the media, as it is the way that the science of nutrition is developing.

As this is purely an introduction I am keeping this very brief, as I will be writing much more about this subject in a future post.

Quite literally, the word Nutrigenomics means: Nutrition and Genes or Genetics.

Referring to the scientific study of the interactions between nutrition and our genes and how they are or can be involved in the current and future treatment and prevention of disease.

‘Nutrition’ of all kinds, foods, drinks or emotions; be they bad or good, have a real physical effect on our ‘gene expression’. In other words the foods we eat and the emotions we experience can and do literally have the capacity to turn on or off genes within our bodies.

We are all different, every single one of us. We all have different genetic codes. How our genes are ‘put together’ differ from the next person’s so they may respond to foods for example in a completely different way to you. (This is why I always say….NO ONE DIET FITS ALL!)

The development of Nutrigenomics is paving the way for the use of foods in a much less generalized way, making the individual treatment of risks of chronic disease much more effective.

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