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In lockdown

Anxiety... meditation

9 May 2020


I thought I should drop in as I have not posted for a while!

I write this in the midst of the unprecedented situation of societal lockdown due to the dreadful virus that is Covid 19. This malignant, unseen and monstrous enemy has caused each and every one of us to change our lives and to re-think everything, I mean everything. Possibly for ever.

With so many theories swirling round the globe regarding the cause of, with the resulting hindsight about what we should or should not have done, mixed with  the uncertainty of the future for all mankind, anxiety has to a greater or lesser degree made itself known to every single one of us. This scares me.

I have alluded to my meditation teaching many times before, but it has never been so relevant in people’s lives as now. As a wonderful practice to calm you and de-stress you, I am planning to set up some introduction to beginners meditation classes via Zoom later this week, so I will keep you posted.

Take care all of you x


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