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A letter to you, from your body, mind and soul....

13 March 2019

Dear Owner

We go back an entire lifetime. Together we have endured the rough and the smooth, ridden the waves of life gaining wisdom from triumph and tragedy as we continue forward. I have and always will be, here just for you. Indeed I am your Best Friend Forever, but every now and again I feel that I need to remind you of this, as I don’t always feel like you remember to treat me as such. The way you sometimes speak to me can hurt me and the way you sometimes disregard my needs causes me pain. I don’t want you to fight me, I want you to work with me. We are in this together.

I don’t mind working away in the background and am happy and indeed want to support everything you do and for the most part I am very able to get on with my own thing. Even when something clearly isn’t quite right, I always strive to do my best to alert you to a problem and when you choose to ignore me, I use my resourcefulness to carry on/repair or simply find a different way of coping, albeit sometimes temporarily. But sometimes it seems you that forget about me altogether and cease to care for or support me and when this happens I need to give you a reminder, gentle at first, that I am here and that I am not necessarily always very happy with what is going on and from time to time I need some special attention.

It’s a two-way relationship. If you look after me I will be sure to look after you as best as I can, but remember I can only work with the tools you give me!

Every single cell of this unique, glorious, miraculous embodiment of mind body and soul is continuously bathed and soaked in everything that you have eaten, drunk, inhaled, thought about or absorbed. I urge you to stop and think about that for a moment. I know that you can’t help or stop all of those factors but there are a whole bunch of them that you could review for me! There are opportunities to make choices that would benefit us.

I will continue to send you signs if I am suffering or out of balance, so please take some time to listen to me or tune in with me and find out what I really need. Give me the correct tools and nourishment for my work and I will reward you with the best health possible and that’s a promise! Do we have a deal?

Love as always from your one and only beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, precious body, mind and soul.








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