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What is a Health Coach?

A trained Health Coach is a mentor who will offer a personally tailored programme of support and practical guidance to someone who has a particular health goal in mind, in a non-judgmental and caring way.


My Health Coaching Sessions

I offer personal Health Coaching sessions in which I can help establish whether the health goal to which you aspire is realistic, achievable and sustainable for you.

Many people have health concerns and know that to eat healthily, exercise more and learning how to relax may well help reduce their risk of serious illness, but find it difficult to know where and how to start.

The initial consultation is to establish what it is you would like help with and for me to take a health and or a diet history from you. Any following sessions will be designed for your particular requirements and will help support you implement suggestions and any plans made during the course of the programme.

For further details and prices please contact me using the link below.


My Beginners Meditation Sessions

I offer one to one meditation sessions or small groups whereby you can learn about meditation and how to do it and the enormous health benefits.

I can guide and support you with:

Weight loss
Together we will set a realistic goal and structure a programme unique to you. I will show you how to make your weight loss sustainable. Whether your goal is to lose weight for a special personal reason or because you suffer health problems as a result of you being overweight, I will support you.

Reducing your sugar intake and curb cravings
I will give you alternative snack ideas to reduce sugar cravings and practical advice on how to reduce your sugar intake in a sustainable way. I will show you how to avoid hidden sugars in processed foods

Feeling healthier
If you have been feeling run down, tired or have been unwell together we can look at making a few small alterations to your lifestyle to help you feel healthier.

Becoming fitter
I will encourage you to find a form of exercise that suits you or add onto what you might already do

Having more energy and vitality
By making some small changes to your lifestyle you will have more energy and vitality

Sleeping better
Good sleep is a challenge for many of us. I can arm you with some techniques to help you achieve better quality sleep

Relaxation techniques
I have a range of easy relaxation and meditation techniques to help you achieve a level of calm that will truly benefit your health

Learning what is healthy to eat
I will introduce some healthy foods to you and give you some ideas of how to prepare and cook them.

Learning what foods to avoid and replace
I will give you ideas on what nutritious foods you can add into your daily diet that will reduce the need for the more unhealthy food choices

Building a healthier lifestyle for you and your family
I can give you practical ways to help you improve you and your family’s lifestyle. I can advise on healthy shopping lists, menus and recipes.
Subject to your geographical location I can help you sort through your food cupboards and fridges and go shopping for healthy foods with you and show you how to make some simple healthy dishes.

Becoming a healthier version of you
With my friendly, down to earth, common sense and practical approach I can help you become the healthiest version of you. I will teach you how to look after your health for now and always.

To make contact with me to make an enquiry:

Via email:
[email protected]