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Green (purple-ish!) and easy….

Lets hear it for the Kalettes!

8 March 2018

Lets hear it for the Kalettes!

Ok, apologies, this is not a recipe……. but a shout out for what sounds like a 60’s Motown band!

If you haven’t yet tried Kalettes……do it now! Currently available in supermarkets, they are delicious, quite sweet tasting, nutritious and yes…. KALE… only in baby form.

The cute look of them might just be the way forward for you to encourage even the most reluctant of children to eat some ‘greens’!

I recommend as always, to steam them until you can insert a sharp knife into them. I don’t prepare them in any way prior to steaming as if you trim the bottoms the leaves fall off, so I don’t bother as the bottom cooks just fine, but thats your choice!

I usually steam mine for around 7-10 minutes, but you may prefer to do it for a longer or shorter time. You can mix with any other vegetables.

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