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10 May 2017


A dear lovely friend said something the other day that got me thinking!

We were discussing our shared passion for all things medical and nutritional, as we so often do, when she drew my attention to something that had not previously occurred to me.

‘What is the very first question a vet always asks you when you take your ailing animal in for a consultation?’ She asked.

‘What are you feeding it on?’ I replied

‘Precisely and the next question?’ She asked.

‘What are their stools like?’ she said quickly, answering herself.

Obviously animals can’t tell you what is wrong with them, if it isn’t immediately obvious, investigation into its regular diet and subsequent ‘eliminations’ is the first and a very important port of call. So it is a necessary and vital question to be asking of the owners as it could help guide the vet towards a diagnosis. Balanced nutrition is of course absolutely essential in the promotion and maintenance of optimum good health in all species, which of course includes us humans!

‘Isn’t that interesting?’ she said and continued, ‘I wonder what would happen if on consulting a GP for feeling ‘under par’ or ‘out of sorts’ with no obvious cause, his/her first (clinical) question was ‘what is your regular diet?’ followed by ‘and how often do you open your bowels and what is the consistency like?’

I think people would be very taken aback until they realised the importance of the question and the implications of their answers!



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