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Here’s to your good health and a great breakfast!

13 August 2016


I attribute this nutritious and delicious little breakfast recipe to the wonderful ‘Oh She Glows.’ It is super easy (which as you know is key to everything in the kitchen for me) using little black chia seeds and no added sugar.

I am often asked about these teeny little powerhouse bombs so I thought I would write a piece to accompany this recipe.

Chia seeds (both black and white) are tiny little seeds from South America. Looking exactly like poppy seeds, super nutritious, loaded with antioxidants, minerals, Omega 3 and 6, protein rich they do not need to be ground up to be fully absorbed and utilized by the body.

They absorb a lot of water and become thick and mucus like thus aiding smooth digestion. They are said to help treat constipation, as soluble fibre they help to bulk up the contents of the bowel. If you want to try them to help relieve constipation, I recommend you soak them overnight (see recipe) and do not eat too many to start with. It is important that you drink plenty of water as well, as this will also help treat constipation but if you are dehydrated it might have the opposite effect.

In small quantities they can be used sprinkled into smoothies to thicken them up, or as I do, just sprinkled into my ‘no-rules muesli’ mix. However, in this recipe (Chia Oats) they are soaked overnight.

Chia Oats

1 banana (very ripe or frozen)
2 tbsps Chia seeds
A big sprinkle of cinnamon
½ cup of porridge or rolled oats
¾ – 1 cup almond, rice, oat or dairy milk
A dash of vanilla

Bung into a bowl and mash and mix up thoroughly and pop into the fridge for at least 12 hours. The longer the better!

For the topping (optional) any or all of the below!

Dollop of plain full fat yogurt
A mix of berries
A sprinkle of broken and toasted nuts
A sprinkle of toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds

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