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Delicious sugar and gluten free vegan porridge.

8 September 2017

I absolutely LOVE breakfast! In fact I could eat breakfasts all day and every day! Or maybe make that brunch!

I have nicked this easy and delicious recipe from my son in law who is a brilliant wholefood cook in his spare time. I did ask for his permission and he gave me some extra tips and ideas to pass on to you. He whips up all manner of gorgeous healthy meals effortlessly and his passion for good food seeps into his delicious creations. I keep telling him to write a recipe book! (Ok, that’s enough flattery for now S!)

This porridge is a favourite of mine and SO easy in that you can virtually throw in what you like and the quantities you like! (My kind of cooking! You know me by now!)

Here is my version, which is the recipe for the photo, the quantities are not exact as I really go by eye and texture and taste. I recommend you do the same!


  • Cup of quinoa
  • Cup of buckwheat groats or buckinis
  • 2-3 tbsps raw cacao powder
  • Big handful of sunflower seeds
  • Big handful pumpkin seeds
  • Scattering of cacao nibs
  • Scattering of linseeds (brown or golden)
  • Handful of chopped nuts (any) (I used hazelnuts, pecans and almonds chopped in half)
  • Small handful of coconut chips
  • 1 – 2 cups coconut, almond or any non dairy milk


  • Rinse and cook the quinoa as per instructions on packet
  • While cooking the quinoa put the milk of choice into a pan over a low heat
  • Put the nuts and coconut chips in a small frying pan and toast until lightly browned
  • Add the buckwheat, cacao powder, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs and linseeds to the milk and warm through
  • When the quinoa is cooked and drained, stir it into the porridge mix and warm through.
  • Top with toasted nut mix

Options to serve with all or some of the following:

  • Coconut or any plain yogurt
  • Blueberries, raspberries or anything you fancy
  • Dried fruits
  • Toasted seeds

 Other ingredients to play around with:

  • A dollop of good quality peanut or any nut butter
  • Tbsp of Macca powder
  • Sprinkling of cinnamon and or ginger
  • Handful of chia seeds

*Important info for small children:

*If you want to give this to small children, I would not add the nuts to avoid any risk of choking, unless you can guarantee that all nuts are completely smashed up.

My 14 month old granddaughter regularly has this porridge in all its forms, blitzed up into a complete mash in a very powerful Blendtech (Vitamin equivalent) blender.

This porridge will keep and is delicious cold too!


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