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Banana and Hemp Seed Smoothie

(No, you wont get high!)

23 November 2017

Ok, agreed, not the most visually beautiful smoothie but a really easy and delicious one, I promise!!

Hemp Seeds are incredibly nutritious and are nutty to taste. High in protein, minerals, Omega 3 and 6 oils they are a useful little seed to add to salads, muesli mixes and smashed up in smoothies.


  • 200 mls Coconut or Almond milk (Available in cartons from most supermarkets)
  • 1 banana
  • Handful of Hemp Seeds (Available in most supermarkets)
  • Dollop of peanut butter*
  • A couple of ice cubes**

*The lowest in sugar that you can find, check the sugar content on the label. Beware some peanut butters have lots of sugar.

** Either added to the mix if you have a powerful blender or just added to the drink before drinking.

What to do:

 Shove all the ingredients into your blender and smash it all up!

Put into the fridge for a while if you want it even colder.

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