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Bluebell Says
Bluebell Says


Why Bluebellsays? Bluebell is a nickname given to me years ago by a dear friend and it has stuck. My real name is Eugénie, not the easiest of names to pronounce!

Unlike many current health and food bloggers of today, I am neither a chef nor am I in my twenties (or even my thirties or forties come to that!) I am however a ‘woman of the world’ whom, like so many people have faced many challenges along the way.

In fact my career began aged 18 with my State Registered Nurse training on the wards at St Bartholomew’s and in a very busy Accident & Emergency department in London’s (now extremely trendy!) East End. But later on in life, when faced with a serious health emergency within my family I was forced to recognise that food was at the very heart of health and wellness. I needed to ‘up’ my game and teach myself to cook and learn as much about food, nutrition, health and wellbeing as possible in order to restore and maintain good health in my own life and of those whom I loved.

What I learnt and indeed am continuing to learn is at the very heart of why I started this website. I see myself as a health and wellbeing warrior, as such I want to share with you my passion for and knowledge of good and improved health and impart as much knowledge as I can for you to use.

There is a whole world of confusing and conflicting advice ‘out there’ that can leave people bewildered and disheartened. I want to show you how powerful an impact small lifestyle changes can make to your current and future health.

My Professional Qualifications and Credentials

Registered General Nurse (RGN/ SRN) St Bartholomew’s Hospital London 1980

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Institute of Integrative Nutrition NY 2014

CPPD Level 1 Fundamental Studies of the Essential Nutrients TVU 2006

CPPD Level 1 Principles of Holistic Health & Nutrition TVU 2006

City & Guilds Level 2 Nutrition and Health of School Aged Children 2012

Aromatherapy IFA 1996 Reiki Parts 1 and 2 1996

British School of Meditation. Meditation Teacher Training 2017