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A recipe for sleep!

Going bananas?

26 June 2018

As you all know by now, I have suffered from insomnia the entire of my life and have tried numerous sleep remedies, from sleeping pills (in my younger days when trying to sleep in the day time in order to work night shifts in the hospitals) to meditation with all number of natural remedies in-between. To date, meditation is hands down the most effective and consistent tool for me. (I am currently working on something else that compliments meditation that I will tell you about in a future post.)

Infuriatingly though, I find that what works beautifully one night does not always work as well the next, so out of desperation whilst suffering from severe jet lag due to absolutely zero sleep on either leg to Australia recently I tried this little gem!

A banana!!!

Organic is best (for reasons that become clear in a moment, but if you can’t locate one then you must be able to really scrub the skin well as there could very likely be pesticide residue)

I know, this sounds crazy and I resisted at first thinking that this was a joke! (Thank you Dr Fizz!) But so desperate was I to be able to have some decent sleep that I tried it………….

About an hour or so before going to bed, simply………..

  • Chop of the 2 ends off the banana and discard
  • Pop the whole banana into boiling water (yes, skin and all) covering it with the water
  • Boil it for between 8 – 10 minutes
  • Leave the water to cool and then drink a cup of the water. Neat. Just as it is! It doesn’t really taste of anything much!
  • Then you can bung the whole banana with the skin into a mixer and smash it up. (I added a dollop of peanut butter and some cacao powder or a square or 2 of plain (high percentage) chocolate)
  • Scrape it out of the mixer and eat it!!

It tastes like a fudgey sort of banana ice-cream and I think it was yummy!!

If you prefer you can just drink the tea and not eat the banana mix, but I wanted to try it. In for a penny as they say!

The reason behind this strange sounding idea is that bananas are full of magnesium which is supposed to aid sleep.

The result for me was that each evening I took this concoction I had 4 – 5 hours of really deep beautiful sleep so a ‘thumbs up’ from me!

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